Hi, I'm
Danielle Rinke
A UX Designer in Denver, CO. I am looking to make lives easier through design.

Simply Remarks

User Research
UX/UI Design

A platform to help users keep in touch during quarantine

*Case Study Coming Soon*

Live Site


User Research
UX/UI Design

An app to help users find food they can eat with their allergies

Case Study


User Research
UX/UI Design

A platform to help users be more productive

Case Study

Busy Bus

User Research
UX/UI Design

An app to help users know when their bus is arriving

Case Study

About Me

Time to get creative? Count me in! I have always had a love for creating, I was 15 years old when I set up my own Etsy shop to sell my paintings. I love painting landscapes and animals, and making my own cards and art projects. I really enjoy sharing my creative side with others! I entered college with the same struggle all students have: what to major in? ​Everyone told me I was really good with numbers, so off I went to pursue an Accounting Degree. Sensible right? I like accounting and was good at it. I obtained an Accounting degree and had great offers from all of the Big 4 Accounting Firms. So why the dilemma? I knew I was moving away from my creative side but I didn't realize just how much I would miss it. I wanted to use those skills but still use my creativity and love for people.

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My Design Process

These are my typical steps but I am flexible for any project

User research
Competitive analysis
User personas
User stories
Information architecture
User flows
Content Strategy
Visual design
Branding and logo design
Preference testing
Style guides
Mockups and prototypes
Testing and deliverables
Usability testing
Frontend coding
Developer deliverables
Process presentation
Mike Dekker
Independent UX Designer & Consultant


I've had the pleasure to be Danielle's UX/UI design mentor during her time at Thinkful. I have seen her grow into a confident young designer that has learned to work with a solid process-driven design approach. She is fast learning, proactive and a real catch for someone that is looking for a UX/UI Designer that can bring a concept from ideation through research, design and testing to market.